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From Tom 5/14:  I must apologize in advance at the length of my review.  Please be patient and read completely for the whole story of how Connie has changed my life.  I had the great luck of winning a contest where the prize was a few massages.  My skepticism told me "What am I going to do with these?"  On my first visit, Connie took a few moments to get to know more about me with an interview.  She asked about my lifestyle, my physical history, etc.  U explained to her about my old injuries that give me constant pain and discomfort.  I'm over 45 years old, living with injuries from when I was much younger.  It was to the point that I couldn't easily put on a seat belt, turn around to look into the back seat of the car, sit in a chair for any length of time, etc.  With my situation in mind, she recommended how we should proceed.

She tailored the sessions to my needs, being very careful of areas with issues and doing more work where needed.  She also recommended other services that I should consider to help me along as well as tips for doing things at home in betwen sessions.  It was very enlightening to learn about how stiff I had become over the years in specific areas.  I left feeling better already.  We discussed future sessions, with emphasis on getting me back into a relaxed and stretched state of being, even adjusting the frequency of visits to maximize the results.  I felt so good after just three sessions spaced two weeks apart, that I was determined to start working out again, to lose weight, gain strength and gain more flexibility.  This is something that I resigned myself previously NOT to ever do again for fear of aggravating old injuries.  Connie is very observant and careful; gradually and continuously adjusting the sessions as needed to give me the best benefit.

Connie is also very flexible with scheduling and open to do whatever mix you would like during sessions.  I personally have found the most benefit with her combined Thai and table massages.

Currently I have seen her about 9 times and have started doing Cross Fit.  Compared to previous levels of discomfort with my old injuries, now they are at very manageable levels.  This would never have been possible if it wasn't for Connie's fantastic sessions.  I honestly feel at least ten years younger!  Looking back, it would seem that I won a great prize after all:  the great pleasure of meeting such a skilled, wonderful, caring person as Connie!


From Barry:  My story:  For 27 years lower and mid back pain were a way of life.  I suffered through a physically active life, but paid the price.  It did not matter how many chiropractic adjustments I received, relief was only temporary at best. After being introduced to Connie Poole, my life started to change.  Her massage techniques combined with her skill level and sensitivity to her client's needs, have been a life changing experience.  I literally experience no pain.  Because of her healing touch, I have entered into a regimen for triathlon training. . . something that would have not been possible before.  My quality of life has completely changed for the better.  If there is stress related pain in your life, do yourself a favor and contact Connie.  In all fairness, I tried other massage therapists. . . Connie's the best.  She is gifted and really cares.

From Laurie:  Connie Poole is not only a massage therapist, but a true healer.  She has helped cure me of a myriad of aches and issues, and I move better and without pain,  Her knowledge of the human body is essential to her work, and she has terrific skill and technique.  I have totally changed the way I think of my body.  And she is a wonderful resource for whole body wellness.  I am now a long term client!!!  Thank you Connie.

From Elissa:  I am very conveniently located to With Ease, but even if I weren't I would drive any distance to get my massage from With Ease.  Cornelia provides more than a massage.  Cornelia really listens to your body issues and is able to address them with a number of solutions.  She offers a very peaceful, relaxing and comfortable massage environment.  I would recommend her services to everyone and have done so.  Her gift certificates make a great gift for for person who has everything.  I can't say enough.

From Marianne:  For the last year I have gotten regular massages with Cornelia.  What a difference it made in how I take care of myself.  Every massage session started with a discussion about what I needed based on what was going on with my body and my life; sometimes we worked on specific body issues and sometimes I just needed to relax and be calm for a while.  The Reiki sessions were beneficial to me also.  I've recommended Cornelia to a number of friends and they have also been very happy.

From Sally:  Wonderful massage. . . very helpful with some specific issues, and very comfortable setting.  I'm a regular. . . Highly recommended!

From Sue:  I highly recommend a soothing massage from Connie Poole, With Ease Massage Therapy.  Connie's healing touch reduces the physical and mental effects of stress and muscle tension, rebalances my energy and restores a general sense of well-being.  The therapeutic and restorative benefits from one of Connie's massages are truly amazing!

From Anita:  Connie's massage therapy techniques and soothing manner helped me to relax before several surgeries and helped me to heal afterwards.  Her techniques also lengthen my body and release my energy levels.  I stand straighter and feel more open after the sessions.  She's the best massage therapist anywhere!

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